Workshop “Heartwreching Story of Two Humans Experiencing the Impact of Psychiatric Medication Withdrawal: How are we healing?”

Stichting Perceval presenteert met trots: Craig Lewis en Sherry Craig met hun “Heartwreching Story of Two Humans Experiencing the Impact of Psychiatric Medication Withdrawal: How are we healing?”
Graag nodigen we je uit voor deze bijzondere workshop. Omdat we drie jaar bestaan en omdat stichting Perceval staat voor risico’s nemen, buiten de comfortzone treden, uitdagingen, eigenwijsheid, vertrouwen, hoop bieden en gelijkwaardigheid!

Craig Lewis and Sherry Craig present the “Better Days: A Mental Health Recovery Workbook” in this 2.5 hour workshop. Much of mental health and support care falls along authoritarian and coercive lines, however there are revolutionaries doing the work of building better and brighter models that identify the unique intersections of our experiences and the oppressive systems in which we live. You are the expert on you. Be the authority on yourself!!!

Workshop Description:

This highly interactive workshop is intended to help guide each individual toward embracing and benefiting from the innate and experiential self-expertise that exists within each one of us. Life is certainly challenging at times and the reality is that we all feel pain and know what struggle, hurt and upset feel like. However, how we manage and cope with what life throws at us, is our choice.

This workshop enthusiastically nurtures the concept that being personally responsible for our words and actions is integral for us to be able to live a happy, healthy and satisfying life. Without any question, self-expertise, examining our thoughts and actions and intentionally choosing to take self-identified and directed steps forward, results in Better Days.

Workshop Goals:

• Identify that each individual has a wealth of insight and understanding that can be applied toward their wellness journey.

• Instill that introspective examination of one’s thoughts and actions, past, present and future, can result in increased periods of peace and wellness throughout their lives.

• Develop and embrace a realistic perspective on how to handle the many challenges that arise in life and to do so while being less impacted by the disruption that those challenges may bring.

Workshop Details:

Both Sherry and Craig will share some of their stories of what they experienced throughout their lives and how they got to where they are today. This workshop includes an introduction to perspectives that can help one live more peacefully and with less disruption to their lives; Breakout groups using sample Better Days worksheets; Group discussion; Q&A; All workshop attendees will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect; Validation, hopefulness, personal responsibility, empowerment and the belief that life can improve, will be the strongest messages conveyed.

Better Days Recovery embraces all people and perspectives. There is minimal discussion of medication outside of sharing briefly about personal life experiences. We care about honoring people who are doing whatever they currently are doing to take care of themselves and support people in making the most informed decisions about their self-care and how they cope with any struggles they mave. We are pro-empowerment and want “our people” to live the happiest, healthiest and most satisfying lives possible..

Copies of the ‘Better Days – A Mental Health Recovery Workbook’ will be available to purchase and have inscribed (if desired) as well as our ‘You’re Crazy – Volume One’ anthology of 27 First-Hand Accounts of Trauma, Addiction and Mental Health Struggle as told by people from the punk rock scene internationally. Better Days is currently available in English, French, Spanish and German. Seeking Dutch translator 🙂 .

Any media and related bloggers, writers, etc, please get in contact.

This is workshop is 10 Euros and we embrace donations and support as we create Better Ways for Better Days, for ourselves and we hope for all with whom we come in contact.

When: Friday, March 24, 5 pm – 8 pm.

Where: Molemann Centrum de Brouwerij, Hoogte Kadijk 61hs, 1018BE Amsterdam

Cost: 10 euro + donation

Register: or Facebook

Thank you very much,
Sherry and Craig (Better Days International)



*We are well aware that Sherry’s last name is Craig’s first name; it’s awesome!!!!

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